About Brighton Light House

Brighton Light House is situated at 142 Brighton Lake Road in Brighton, Michigan. It was built in 1862 and is revered as one of Brighton's most notable historic homes.

Dan and Anna Oginsky had been searching for a property that could serve as the home for Heart Connected, LLC (Anna's business). The ideal property would also provide garage space for Dan to pursue his passion for "making things awesome and making awesome things". 

142 Brighton Lake Road was not quite the "ideal" property; however, one could easily say it was love at first sight for the couple. Their love for history, restoration, and the gorgeous grounds of this property paired with Dan's vision to improve upon the property led Dan and Anna to purchase the home in December, 2016.

After over a year of contemplating possibilities, and digging into city zoning, ordinances, and special land use permits, plans for the property became clear. With the help of McCotter Architecture and Design and Forest Ridge Construction, Dan's vision and Anna's dream of creating space for heart connection in her community is coming to life. 142 Brighton Lake Road will undergo an historic renovation that includes building an addition to the home and a carriage house on the property. Leighanne LaMarre Interiors will help to ensure the home is appointed with period appropriate finishes. It is expected that the doors to Brighton Light House will open at the start of 2020.

In addition to providing a home for Heart Connected, Brighton Light House will serve as the World Headquarters for North Manitou Light Keepers and provide shared working space for practitioners in working to make the world a better place by sharing healing arts practices. Other entrepreneurs and business people will be welcome to share work space there as well. Dan and Anna look forward to creating a beautiful, inviting space that the people of Brighton and its surrounding areas can enjoy.